UPDATE: 2020 The Year For Film

A new year and a new decade, but for me and The Bombe Films, a year for creating more content. I was lucky enough to find some bargain expired Agfa Moviechrome Super 8 films from ebay.

I am also going to be playing about with 35mm stills film and some disposable cameras. A Super 8 film I made over the summer of 2019 was screened at the Film Devour short film festival in The Black Box in Belfast January 2020. There seems to be an appetite for seeing stuff on film. And Super 8 in particular. The film ‘Portal’ was well received.


Never to waste good film, this was a successful test shoot that was re-edited into a comedy short. When you are practicing using the camera and when you want to see what a location looks like on-screen, running a film through the camera and grabbing some material is the best way to do it. In this case I knew the camera worked as a friend had given it to me and had been using it himself. So I bought brand new Kodak Vision3 50D and the failed ‘smoke machine’ aka disposable BBQs and terrible wet weather, combine this with 18fps and it resulted in some amusing footage. Neill’s performance really sold it and I am thankful that it turned out well.


I am currently working on other projects using digital. But don’t worry, there will be substantial use of Super 8 in a few projects coming up later in the year. The bottom of my fridge is bunged with film so I will be getting through it all at some stage.

Film is cool. Literally.

I am in the pre-production stage for a ‘Super 8 meets Video’ project which we are planning to get funding for. Venue hunting for studio space. This is for some old school horror shot testing. More details about this will be posted on the blog as and when I am able to publish it. The UK have officially separated from Europe. I don’t know what that means for my little corner of this Island and in particular about getting film processed outside the UK. These little problems will be resolved in due course. Let’s not let politics get in the way of creativity.


I have more articles on the way. Including an incident that happened to me recently that was troublesome. I feel it will be useful to warn you about the perils of filming in the street and potential street photography.

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