MERRY CHRISTMAS – KODAK MOMENTS – Old Super 8 Family Footage


So yeah, its Christmas and this is usually the time when people get pressies, I think to what photographic gear people might be asking Santa to bring them. Generally speaking, maybe a digital camera or perhaps the latest smartphone. Any of these items can record video that can look cinematic in seconds and we can even project the footage moments later using smartphone projectors that are readily available and create the same environment that cine cameras used to back in the days when they were the only option. You still had to wait for your footage to come back weeks later. Though to be fair, most people don’t go so far as to project these days. You can use a USB stick and plug it into a smart TV and do it that way. However, a mere glance to the screen of your device and you have what you need to see the future memory, complete with synched audio. Sometimes that is a blessing but can be a curse. Thousands of images taking up storage. Now I know we had various forms of analogue camcorders and then digital ones but SD footage doesn’t cut it against film. The latest technology in the most recent Samsung Galaxies or Apple iPhones and even tablets will certainly give film a run for its’ money. I don’t want to give the impression that I am against digital filming. I’m not. I do it. The technology is amazing. I have given a seminar on using smartphones to make films. My interest in celluloid and Super 8 comes from using the medium as a tool to achieve a look. And the cameras are fun to use, the whole area has fascinated me over the years. The process of processing and being able to run your work through a projector is part of it, it is proper film isn’t it? Though I am using what is called a ‘digital intermediary’ meaning I film it then get it digitally transferred. I feel that digital filming owes everything to celluloid and it is important to keep that alive.
Using film has become more expensive, yet still affordable and when used on the right project can raise more interest than the average DSLR or iPhone footage.

There will be more to come in 2020 for the blog, so please check back often
Having started this blog and thinking of the festive season, I am reminded of my childhood and when my grandfather used to film us on his Bell and Howell cine camera. Here is some footage from a very long time ago of me at Christmas. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Seasons greetings to you and thanks for watching…

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