The Logmar S-8

Kodak’s recent Super 8 news may have gained the attention of the wider world, but 2014 saw the first new Super 8 camera to hit the market in 30 years.

The camera was made by the Danish father and son company, Logmar. In a video recorded at Pro 8mm, Tommy Madsen says, “I always liked Super 8, and I always had this idea: could I, in any way, make it better?”

Logmar S-8 interior

The Logmar S-8 was built to record the best possible picture. Super 8 has historically suffered from problems introduced by low quality cameras. Filmmakers have often turned to post production techniques, such as stabilising and sharpening, to improve the image. Tommy and his son set out to achieve a picture that was more stable, sharper and consistent than images obtained using other 8mm cameras.

They worked on the idea for two years before the first functioning prototype was made.

The metal bodied camera, named the Logmar S-8, features pin registration, digital audio and digital viewfinder, as well as wireless connectivity! The camera creates its own WiFi hotspot so that it can be controlled using smartphones and other such devices.

There was a production run of fifty cameras but, unfortunately, there are no plans for a second batch. However, the company is now turning to other formats, and there is word of 35mm and 65mm products in development.

The Logmar S-8 is available from Pro 8mm, and costs $5995.