Straight 8 2016

After a three year hiatus – the last competition took place in 2012 – Straight 8 is back.

The concept is simple. Cartridges are mailed out to entrants who then shoot whatever they choose. Entrants also provide a soundtrack. Straight 8 then develops the film, scans it and syncs the soundtrack to the first frame. There is no editing – only in camera – and there are no viewings until the screening night.

An entry from 2012's competition. Biskremosis by Marc Holtbecker, Robert Neumann, Annette Schneider, Caro Stoeckermann, and Andre Wlodrski.

If you want to take part, registration closes on 28th February. Entry costs £88.88 in the EU and £82.07 for the rest of the world.

To see what else you might be up against, here’s a taster from 2012:

See the Straight 8 website for more information.